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10 Dos & Don'ts for Summer Open Houses

‘Tis the season for Open Houses, here's a list of pointers for both buyers and sellers about what to do – and what not to do – at this summer’s Open Houses.

When Will Home Prices Rise?

What Do Homeowners Say About Homeownership?

There is no shortage of experts that want to let us know how Americans feel about owning a home after the collapse of the residential market in the last five years. They MUST be devastated. They MUST feel trapped like prisoners in their own homes. They MUST be sorry they ever bought the house. These assumptions seem logical at times and can occasionally be supported by anecdotal evidence. However...  Howver

5 Reasons You Should Consider Selling Now

If you plan on moving anytime in 2011, you should strongly consider selling your house now rather than waiting. Here are five reasons why: